You too will be deceived! These images are not real… AI generated


Artificial intelligence (AI) tools are trending
A photo from Midjourney has gone viral
The viral photo appears to be real

New Delhi. Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools are currently trending a lot. You can see many related posts on social media platforms. In a way, this trend has gone viral. Now a Twitter user Myles has shared some visuals generated by AI platform Midjourney. It shows some girls who are attending a party. But, none of these are real.

Sharing these pictures on Twitter, Twitter user Miles wrote that Midjourney is getting very strong. None of these images are real and none of these people are of this world.

Not a real picture
Miles shared four photos from the women’s house party. By the way, the appearance of this picture looks quite real. But, a closer look at them reveals that they are not genuine. For example, a closer look shows that the girls in the picture have more teeth. Similarly, the girl holding the camera has longer fingers.

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