Wipro failed 452 freshers in internal examination due to poor performance

Wipro Layoffs: Layoffs happening in the tech world are giving employees sleepless nights. Last week, two top tech companies announced mass layoffs. These top tech companies include Google and Microsoft. Google laid off 12,000 employees, while Microsoft laid off 10,000 workers worldwide. Now these layoffs have reached even tech firms in India. In fact, one of India’s top IT companies, Wipro has also announced layoffs.

Wipro did internal testing

According to reports, Wipro fired employees due to poor performance, and hundreds of new employees lost their jobs. According to the company’s report, the company recently conducted an internal audit. It asked employees with the lowest scores to quit. The company was preparing to lay off 800 workers, but the number of laid off employees is lower. “We had to expel 452 freshers from the company due to repeated poor performance in assessments even after training,” the company said.

Wipro Mail to Employees

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Wipro is said to have sent a dismissal letter to the affected employees. The letter said that the employees should pay Rs.75,000. This Rs 75,000 was spent by the company on his training. However, Wipro also wrote in the same mail that the company waived the amount. A fresher impressed with the job said I got an offer letter in January 2022, but they onboarded me after a delay of months and now they are firing me on the pretext of exams?”

Bad phase of technology industry

At this time, not only Wipro, but also the big companies in the technology industry are going through bad times. Last week, two top tech companies, Google and Microsoft laid off 22000 workers worldwide. Before Microsoft and Google, tech companies like Amazon, Netflix, Salesforce and many others laid off thousands and thousands of workers citing macroeconomic conditions.

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