Why spend 150 bucks on a new LED bulb, 10 bucks with a fuse will do the trick.


A bad LED bulb can be repaired at a cost of Rs.10.
LED bulbs from branded companies can also be fined by spending a few rupees.
If the company’s kit is installed on the LED bulb, it costs 35-40 rupees.

New Delhi. If you thought of witchcraft etc after reading the title, then say there is no such thing. Totke means trick or cheap solution. We are talking about cheap LED bulb repair. Compared to the old yellow bulbs, it consumes much less electricity. Where 100-180 watt bulbs used to come, now 18-20 watt LED bulbs light up the largest rooms. But these LED bulbs are very expensive, and in case of damage, it costs up to Rs 100-150 to buy a new one.

But did you know that a bad LED bulb can be repaired for Rs 10? If a house has 5 bulbs installed, you need to spend only Rs 50 to fix them. On the other hand, if you buy 5 new LED bulbs, you will have to spend Rs.500 for it.

Yes, branded company LED bulbs can be repaired. Talking to the electrician who worked on making the LED, it was known that a kit is attached to each bulb. If there is a 9W bulb, then a 9W kit remains, and if there is a 7W bulb, then a 7W kit is attached to it and there is only one 7W PCB. As many watts as the light, a bulb of the same wattage is mounted on the PCB.

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How do electricians fix LEDs?
For example, if a 9W bulb is defective, the electrician first tests it by making a connection and plugging it into the receptacle. If the bulb is not burning, the PCB bulb is checked with tape on tweezers. All installed bulbs are checked one by one.

Suppose 8 out of 9 bulbs do not burn and if 9 bulbs burn, then the bulb is fused. The bulb that is shot is removed from the heating shoulder and a new one is installed. If a bulb is removed and a new one is installed, the work is done for Rs 20-25.

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On the other hand, if the bulb is fine, the kit may be defective, and the PCB will need to be changed. Installation of local kit costs Tk 10, and installation of company kit costs Tk 35-40.

How long does the bulb last if fixed?
A good company’s kit can go smoothly for a year once fixed. If the bulb is fixed by tacking instead of installing a new bulb, the long life expectancy is low.

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