Why is KL Rahul’s phone in the news? Which smartphone does he use?

Popular cricketer KL Rahul’s phone is in discussion these days. Rahul is in the headlines because of cricket but now he is also because of phone. A major reason for being in the limelight is her marriage. KL Rahul is getting married to Bollywood star Sunil Shetty’s daughter Athiya Shetty. Although we will talk about smartphones here. The smartphone is in news as KL Rahul is the brand ambassador of Realme. Is it another company’s brand promotion and not another company’s smartphone? In such a situation, he is discussing which smartphone he uses?

Why talk about KL Rahul’s smartphone?
Exact information about which smartphone KL Rahul currently uses is not available. Sometimes they meet on the brand’s phone and sometimes with someone else. Although KL Rahul has become the brand ambassador of Realme brand. Because of this, he has been spotted several times with Realme smartphones. Recently it was reported that he was seen using the Realme 9 Pro smartphone.

Live reel News reel

Can also be seen with the iPhone.
Not only Realme, KL Rahul was also seen with the iPhone 12 series smartphone in a Twitter post. This Twitter post was made on 24 April 2020. In addition to this, it is assumed that K. ale Rahul’s primary smartphone is the iPhone 13, but he uses the Realme smartphone as a promotional event. Similarly, as per media reports, KL Rahul was also spotted with an iPhone on 30 August 2021.

In such a situation, the question arises that the celebrities influence the public to buy the products, do they not themselves use those products?

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