Who is tracking your phone location? Follow these methods to find out


Allows users to track location themselves.
Users can easily disable location tracking.
There are a few things to keep in mind while granting location permits

Phone location is used to trace addresses. But many times he doesn’t know that there is someone who is watching his phone and tracking his location. It puts the person in danger. Anyone can follow him and do untold things with him. Most of the app companies are doing this nowadays. Let’s find out today how to know if someone is tracking our phone location.

The apps we install on our smartphones require many permissions to function properly. For example, it’s important that your weather app has location access, or the call app has microphone access, or the camera app has storage and camera access.

For example the calling app may not need to access your location to work properly The same thing applies to other apps.

In this case, you often don’t remember which apps are currently accessing your location or which apps have allowed you to access your location. Also, if you find anything fishy, ​​you’ll want to remove it immediately. So, if you want to know which apps are currently tracking your phone’s location, follow these steps

1. On your Android phone, go to Settings.
2. Scroll down and tap on Location option.
3. Click on the App Location Permissions option and turn it off.

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Here you can see all the apps that have location permission. If you want, you can disable access by tapping on any of the apps. Once you disable it, there is a possibility that the app will ask you to turn on location while using it further. Note that you can select one of three options if you want, including allowing location access only once.

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