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WhatsApp is bringing this big update in the quality in which the clicked image will be shared


WhatsAppWhatsApp is working on many new features. We say this because some features have been spotted in the beta version of the app. Recent reports suggest that the messaging app will soon allow you to share photos in original quality. Said to be one of the biggest updates this year. With this, users can share high quality images with their contacts. WhatsApp currently reduces the quality of images or videos sent to you for two reasons. The first reason is that this type of content is downloaded quickly and the second reason is that it does not consume much data. In this case, the new feature will use more data. Let’s know this feature in detail.

The feature will work like this

WaBetaInfo, a website that monitors WhatsApp, shared the screenshot in their report. According to the screenshot, WhatsApp is going to add a photo quality option that will be displayed when sharing media with contacts. This picture quality icon will be shown to you at the top of the screen along with other tools This means that if you want to send original quality photos, you will need to change the quality setting every time you want to share media with contacts. More information about this feature will be available in the future.

Difficulty sharing original quality photos

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After this feature is activated, you may incur more data charges if you use it. In this case, the person you send the image to may use more data to download it. You can think of it as the document feature of WhatsApp. However, using WiFi, you will be able to share and receive high quality images through this feature. Apart from this, by turning off auto download, you will be able to prevent the media from downloading automatically.

Option to share photos on WhatsApp

Right now users will get 3 options to share photos on WhatsApp. First Auto, Second Data Saver and Third High Quality. Its high quality isn’t that impressive though, and the app doesn’t support high-resolution photos.

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