What happens when you leave the mobile connected to the charger even after it is 100 percent charged

Mobile Charging: Many people keep the phone charged during the day, and many people keep the phone charged all night. People even go to sleep with the phone charged, it seems that when they wake up in the morning, the phone will have a good charge. You can do it too, but this practice brings many questions, like will it drain the battery faster? Or will there be a risk of mobile explosion? What happens to the phone after 100% charge? Today we are going to answer many questions that come to your mind.

Keep the phone charging at night

For many people, charging the phone overnight is a convenient option. Due to this, the phone gets fully charged at night and then it is used throughout the day. However, if you sleep for 6 to 8 hours, it doesn’t take that much time to charge the phone. How correct is it to charge the phone for 6 to 8 hours in this situation? When the phone gets 100% charged in a few minutes, what if the phone is still connected to charging?

What happens if there is 100% charging?

A phone is not called a smartphone. They have become really smart. Your smartphone stops charging as soon as 100% charging is complete. However, this was not the case with old mobile phones, but now smartphones have a charging circuit that stops taking supply after the battery is 100% charged. The Snapdragon processor found in the smartphone is so smart that it stops charging when the mobile battery is full. After that, it starts charging again as soon as the battery reaches 90%.

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