Wet clothes will dry in few minutes in cold, bring home washer dryer machine, great tension will be removed


There is only a shortage of sunlight in the winter season.
Due to the lack of sunlight, there is a problem in drying the clothes.
You can dry clothes with a washer dryer machine.

New Delhi. Winter outbreak continues in North India and winter is getting colder. At the same time, sunlight is not visible due to fog. Because of this, housewives are having a lot of trouble drying their clothes after washing them. Although there are many products available in the market these days, which can dry wet clothes in minutes without any hassle. If you have trouble drying your clothes in the cold, you can bring home a washer dryer machine.

Currently every range of dryer machines are available in the market. You can also bring these machines home on EMI. We tell you about some of the best washer dryer machines available in the market.

LG washer dryer
Can be a great option for drying clothes in winter. The LG washer dryer is equipped with direct drive technology, which makes less noise. It comes with 6 motion programs and steam-wash feature. You can buy this Washer Laundry Dryer from Flipkart for Rs 48,499. EMI options are also available.

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Maxi dryer
The Maxi Dry dryer machine comes with a unique air flow system and stainless steel drum. With this dryer, you don’t have to worry about your clothes losing their color or shine, as the dryer will keep the clothes looking nice and new for a long time. It comes with security door switch. IFB Turbo/Maxi Dry Smart Dryer Machine is priced at Rs.19,490 on Flipkart. You can also buy it at a monthly EMI of just Rs.676.

Samsung fully automatic washer dryer
This washer dryer is suitable for drying large amounts of clothes. It has a high spin speed of 1400 rpm, which dries clothes quickly. Besides, features like child lock, super speed are also provided in it. The price of this washer dryer is Rs 56,400. You can buy it from Amazon.

Siemens 8kg Condensation Dryer
Its price is Rs 41,400. It is available on Amazon. You can also buy it at an EMI of Rs 1,978. This washer dryer machine can dry a large amount of clothes at once. It is equipped with Duo-Tronic technology. This dryer is supplied with a soft dry drum system for better drying.

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