US club hires ‘robotic bouncer’, world’s biggest security guard to entertain people


A strip club in America hired a robotic bouncer.
The club has set it up for its weekend program.
The length of this robotic bouncer is 15 feet.

New Delhi. A strip club in Las Vegas, USA has deployed a robotic bouncer to greet people at an event. Named Make the Boat Johnson, this robot is 15 feet tall. Its weight is four tons. It was launched during the four-day Consumer Electronics Show that started last Thursday. This robot was created by Canadian engineer entrepreneur, researcher and artist Jonathan Tippett. He is tasked with protecting the more than 70,000 customers who visit the club.

A Las Vegas strip club in the US has hired a robotic bouncer to welcome tech leaders from around the world for a weekend conference, the New York Post reported. It is the largest security guard in the world.

Posted for entertainment
The New York Post reported that the robot was placed outside the strip club’s gate to entertain people waiting in line, as it is large enough that it can be seen from any door frame.

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Weight 4.6 tons
In an Instagram post, the club wrote that AI bots running the Las Vegas CES convention will protect us all, so you can party carefree all weekend! Please state that its weight is about 4.6 tons.

Posted the video on Instagram
Las Vegas says the bot is a human-controlled giant all-terrain robotic ‘Mech’ suit brought in from Vancouver for CES. The club page also posted a video of the same on its Instagram. After the video surfaced, netizens are giving their respective reactions.

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