Twitter will soon launch bookmark feature for its users. Save your favorite tweets now

Ever since businessman Elon Musk bought Twitter, it has been constantly changing. Meanwhile, Musk announced another new feature on Twitter. He tweeted that now users will be able to save their favorite tweets as bookmarks. What’s special is that when you save someone’s tweet, it remains completely private.

That is, no one else can see any tweets you bookmarked. But when you save a tweet as a bookmark, the tweeter can see how many people have saved his tweet.

Recently Twitter introduced Twitter Blue subscription feature for Android users after iPhone. If you want to get Blue Tick on Twitter, you have to spend money for it. Android users have to pay 11 dollars i.e. 900 rupees per month for Bluetooth maintenance.

Earlier on Twitter, blue tick marks politicians, bollywood stars, journalists and big influencers used to get for free according to their popularity but now you have to pay to get blue tick on Twitter. Kasturi has taken this step so that the company does not fall into losses. In fact, when Musk took over Twitter, many advertisers left the company.

This feature is coming soon

New features are coming one after another on Twitter. In a way, Elon Musk has rolled out a flurry of new features. Musk also said in a tweet today that the translation feature is coming soon to the platform, after which people will be able to read tweets from other countries in their own language. He said that before tweets are recommended, they will be translated so that everyone can understand them.

Twitter is going through a financial crisis!

On the one hand, after taking over Twitter, it is coming with several new features, on the other hand, the company is also going through an economic downturn. Elon Musk has fired thousands of employees from the company so far. Recently, it was also reported that Twitter is auctioning its office valuables to raise money for the company. According to the data, the statue of the Twitter bird i.e. the company’s logo was sold for more than 81 lakh rupees.

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