Twitter Blue subscription for Android has been announced for $11 per month

Twitter Blue Subscription for Android: Twitter Blue subscription works only for iOS and web users so far. No information about Blue subscription for Android users has been released, but now the microblogging site has launched this service for Android users as well. Twitter owner Elon Musk has revealed the price of Twitter Blue subscription service for Android users.

Price for Android users
The biggest change since Twitter’s takeover is the monthly Blue Tick service. Twitter Blue subscription is now a paid service and after accepting it, users will get a verified blue tick on their account. Of this, web users will have to pay $8 (roughly Rs. 653) and iOS users will have to pay $11 (roughly Rs. 898) per month. Now Alan has made the Twitter Blue service live for Android users as well. Even for Android users, the service costs the same as iOS, at $11 per month.

Discount offer on Twitter Blue
Allen will get a discount from Twitter if users take up an annual subscription to Twitter Blue, under which users will have to spend $84 (roughly Rs. 6,861) for the web version’s annual plan, while web users will have to spend $ 8 (about Rs. 653) per month on a monthly subscription, which works out to $96 (about $7,841) per year. Also, the monthly charge for the iOS version is $11 (roughly Rs. 898). Accordingly, its annual cost is $132 (roughly Rs. 10,783). Web users get 36% savings by taking annual subscription.

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