Twitter Ad Free Mask Says Pay More To Get This Service

Twitter has been mentioned all over the world since businessman Elon Musk took over Twitter. Since the arrival of the mask, Twitter has received many new features and blue ticks. That is, users who want to get blue tick on Twitter now need to subscribe to Twitter Blue. Its price in India is Rs.890.

While Twitter is coming up with new features, on the other side the company is going through huge losses. Elon Musk is once again asking people for money to reduce the company’s losses. In fact, Elon Musk said in a tweet that people who don’t want to see ads on Twitter can now use it comfortably with a new Twitter subscription. Along with this, he also said that the new subscription plan will be more expensive than before. Means those who have to spend more money now.

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In fact, with a Twitter Blue subscription, people see fewer ads than usual. Many times users face problems due to the length of these ads. To reduce this problem Elon Musk is now going to introduce a new subscription plan so that users can enjoy Twitter with zero ads.

This feature is coming soon

Another new feature is coming to Twitter, after which users will be able to save their favorite tweets as bookmarks. The most important thing about this feature is that bookmarked tweets will remain completely private. That is, no other user can see it. But the person who tweeted can definitely see how many people have bookmarked his tweet. Along with this, Musk is going live with another feature on Twitter, under which tweets will be translated before making recommendations. That is, now users can see tweets from other countries in their own language.

Twitter Blue users get these benefits

Twitter Blue users get a blue tick first. Along with this, users get the facility to edit tweets, comments, etc. on Twitter Blue. On the given model, users can upload videos up to 1080p resolution. Also, users get most of the likes from ordinary users in searches, mentions and replies.

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