TV, mobile and camera will be cheaper! The technology sector received this gift in Budget 2023


Discounts on mobile manufacturing and electronic items such as camera lenses.
To promote TV production, basic duty has been reduced on the open sale segment of its panels.
To give India an edge in Artificial Intelligence (AI), 3 centers of excellence will be set up in the country.

Budget 2023: Finance Minister Sitharaman (FM Nirmala Sitharaman) made a big announcement while presenting the budget. New announcements have come in various sectors during the budget announcement. In this episode, we will know what changes will happen in the technology sector and how it will affect the common man. The Finance Minister has given good news for those who buy electronic products in this budget of 2023. To encourage mobile phone manufacturing units in the country, the central government will provide duty exemption on imports.

Along with this, mobile manufacturing and electronic items such as camera lenses have been exempted. Due to this, mobile phones and LED TVs have to be directly spent less. Also more technology related accessories and gadgets like laptops are also expected to get cheaper.

The finance minister also said that lithium ion batteries will be exempted for another year. Business grew from 5.8 crore units at Rs 18,900 crore in 2014-15 to 31 crore units at Rs 2,75,000 crore last business year.

TV will also be cheaper
Apart from mobiles and cameras, the government has reduced the basic duty on the open sale segment of TV panels to 2.5 percent to promote television production in the country. We inform you that TV manufacturers have been demanding a reduction in import duty on smart TV panels for a long time, and now this relaxation has been announced.

100 labs will be set up for 5G applications
Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced that the government will set up 100 labs for 5G applications across the country. Apps for 5G services will be developed in these labs. These labs will also be used as incubators for student training, innovation and research and experimentation.

Emphasis on artificial intelligence
To give India an edge in Artificial Intelligence (AI), 3 centers of excellence will be set up in the country. The finance minister said that these labs will be set up in engineering institutes. These labs aim to introduce a new range of opportunities, business models and employment possibilities.

The Finance Minister said that this budget proposes several measures to unlock the potential of our economy for artificial intelligence to realize the vision of ‘Make AI in India and Make AI Work for India’.

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