This website will instantly brighten up those blurry photos from Grandpa or Dad’s era, you’ll enjoy doing it

Technology today has made everything easier and better than ever I remember the days when homes had black and white TVs. Today they have been replaced by color TVs and slim LCD and LED TVs. Just like there were black and white TVs, old cameras were popular at the time and people loved the pictures they took. But if we see the same picture today, we find it strange and want to hide it from everyone. He can take average pictures. But today in this article we are going to tell you about a website from where you can convert your old photos to new or better quality photos. If you have any photos from your grandfather’s or father’s era in their albums, you can try them. You don’t have to spend any money for this. This is absolutely free and easy method

How to change image quality

To convert old photos to 4K, you need to search sczhou/codeformer in search engine google. After that you will see a link which you need to click and the website will open. Now here you have to upload your old photo on left side then click on submit button. Here you also get the option of how much you want to enhance the image quality and how much you want to enhance the background. Once submitted, on the other side of the website, you will see better quality photos, which you can easily download.

You can also run the website on mobile

You can access this website on desktop, laptop as well as mobile From this website, you can convert your old photos, any document, home paper etc. in good quality. If you don’t understand anything on the website, here you are also provided with examples and demo options, so that you can. Can understand things easily. It is a very simple and easy website from where you can do your work.

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