This smart geyser is amazing, electricity bill will be reduced, phone will stay on


For customized baths and geysers can be operated from anywhere in the world.
The Orient Aquator IoT Geyser comes in 4 sizes ranging from 6 liters to 25 liters.
This geyser comes with features like soft touch controls with LED display.

Best Geysers: There is a lot of support from geysers in the cold season. Be it bathing with hot water, washing dishes or washing clothes, all tasks become easy with the hot water of the geyser. There are several geysers available in the market these days. You will be surprised to know that there are some geysers that can be controlled from the phone. Along with that, the electricity bill also comes down.

Here we are talking about Orient Aquator IoT. Orient Electric’s Aquator IoT Storage Water Heater is a smart and easy-to-use IoT based water heater. For a customized bathing experience and it can be operated from anywhere in the world.

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How much is the price?
It simplifies your daily routine, and eliminates the stress of turning on or switching the water heater. It comes in 4 sizes ranging from 6 liters to 25 liters. The 6 liter is priced at Rs 13,990, the 10L is priced at Rs 15,490, the 15L is priced at Rs 17,090 and the 25L is priced at Rs 18,990.

The special thing is that through IoT and Smart Orient app, users can set the shower time, temperature for themselves and their family members and even if you forget to turn off the geyser, you can do it sitting in your office. Time off to travel anywhere in the world.

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Geyser comes with LED display
This geyser comes with some great features like soft touch controls with LED display, which makes it easy to control.

It has Eco Mode to switch to lower energy consumption and Smart Mode to heat water faster and last longer. That means the power consumption will be lower in Eco mode. It comes with BEE 5 star rating for low energy consumption.

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