This small generator runs the TV-fan, requiring no electricity or oil to charge

Power outages are common. Not so noticeable in winter season, but in summer when the light goes out it becomes a problem for a short period of time. Some people keep an inverter at home, but it cannot run large appliances. At the same time, generators are also used in some houses. However, buying a generator is not the easiest thing, as they are expensive in price and also consume oil.

So if you want to buy generator at a low price, there are many options for you on e-commerce websites. It also includes a portable solar power generator. This generator comes with a very compact design. Amazon has a wide variety of portable generators. Let’s know about them…

Sarvad Portable Solar Power Generator: It is a portable generator and consumers get 150W AC output. The reason for this is only 1.89 kg. From this it can be assumed that it is of small size.

You can take it anywhere and it will easily fit in your bag. It has 2 DC ports and 3 USB ports. Along with this, it also has LED flashlight. Talking about the price, customers can buy it from Amazon for Rs 16,000. It costs much less than larger generators. But if your electricity costs are high, you will have to pay more to buy a high capacity battery solar generator.

will be charged by sunlight
It comes with a compact design, you can charge it using a wall outlet or by placing it in direct sunlight. That means no electricity charges.

It has an LED light that can help you when camping or traveling, it takes 6 to 7 hours to fully charge, and it can be used for phone, tablet, laptop, holiday light, radio, mini fan and TV.

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