This method of scheduling WhatsApp messages will be very useful for you as the message will be sent whenever you want

WhatsApp Message Schedule: Nowadays almost everyone is using WhatsApp. You, us, grandparents, mom, dad, pretty much everyone, after all it’s a simple instant messaging app. This app also provides the facility to share media like videos and photos along with messages. There are many times in this busy life that we have to send an important message, but due to busyness we forget to send that message. In this case, having a schedule feature makes the task very easy.

Unfortunately, this feature is not available in WhatsApp right now, but bro, if it comes in future, we can’t say anything about it. However, we have a trick, with which you can schedule messages on WhatsApp. Today in this news, we are going to tell you how to schedule WhatsApp messages. Let us understand its step by step process.

How to Schedule WhatsApp Messages

  • Go to Google Play Store on your smartphone.
  • Download the SKEDit app here.
  • Now open the app and complete its login process.
  • After doing this, select WhatsApp from the menu and tap on Enable Accessibility.
  • Now click on the toggle and click on the Allow option.
  • Next, schedule the message by entering the date and time.
  • Now the app will automatically send messages at specific times.

Testing scheduled messages before sending
Also, if you want to see the person in front of you once before sending the scheduled message, the app also gives you this facility. For this you need to enable the ‘Ask Me Before Sending’ feature available in the app. By doing this, the app will send you a notification before sending the message, so that you will be able to check the message.

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