, this method may work if the TV is not connected to WiFi

How to connect TV to Wi-Fi: TV is an entertainment medium that saves us from being bored at home and passes our time. Apart from passing time, we also get a lot of information from it. It entertains us and we can play games on it. Nowadays there are smart TVs where you can also stream videos, but for that you just need to connect your TV to Wi-Fi. But there are many times when your smart TV has problem connecting to your home Wi-Fi, because of this you get annoyed. If you also have to face this problem often, then today we have brought you some methods, with the help of which you can solve this problem.

Reasons for TV Not Connecting to Wi-Fi
There can be two reasons behind your Smart TV not being able to connect to the Internet. First, your internet connection may be slow. If such problem occurs, you need to use another device to test the connection. Also, the reason for not being able to connect could be some sort of problem with your hardware such as your router or TV. If your Wi-Fi works fine with other devices, then there may be a problem with your TV’s configuration.

Check the connection
In most smart TVs, users get a feature to check the network status of the TV, so that users can troubleshoot their internet connection issues. To check if your TV has this feature, open your TV’s Settings menu Select the Network Settings option to check the network status. Now see if your TV is not showing any kind of warning or indication regarding the problem.

You can also follow this method
The rebooting feature usually fixes some other issues with most device connectivity. After restarting your TV, try to connect it to the Internet again Also, make sure your TV and router are not too far apart. If so, place the router as close to the TV as possible so it can get a proper connection.

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