There is also a method through which calls are made to the phone without network, many people do not know about it


With WiFi calling, one can make calls from the cellular network of his SIM card.
Through this, users can make HD voice calls even with little or no network.
Users now get WiFi calling facility in most smartphones

Wi-Fi Calling: Communicating every issue has become very easy through messaging. But as good as talking in a call, writing in a message can’t be done as well. So if there is no proper network, then it is a big problem to make a call, and think if the phone doesn’t have network, it means no call can be made. But did you know that it is possible to do this through WiFi calling? Yes, calls can be made without cellular network with WiFi calling. Now the question arises that this is wifi calling and does it work?

WiFi calling is a technology where you can talk to anyone over a broadband connection instead of your SIM card’s cellular network. Under this facility, you can easily make calls to those places where the network is not coming properly on your SIM card. That is, Wi-Fi calling does not require a cellular network.

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What are the benefits?
The advantage of WiFi calling is that users can make HD voice calls even with little or no network. But for this they need to have good broadband speed. In most smartphones, users now get WiFi calling feature. That’s why availing this facility is also easy.

How to use the Wifi calling feature?
1) Go to smartphone settings.
2) Select the WiFi and network option.
3) Here you have to select SIM and network settings.
4) Now you have to select active SIM.
5) Enable both VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling here
6) Thus you are ready for WiFi calling.

Note: It is possible that this setting is present in different places on different phones.

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Good thing you have any company broadband connection for WiFi calling. You must have a broadband connection and a mobile that supports WiFi calling

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