The torture of winter will continue, adopt this method to avoid the cold, it will help to keep the body warm


People of North India are not getting relief from winter.
Waves will rise and temperatures will drop in the coming days.
There are some strategies you can use to avoid the cold.

New Delhi. The torture of winter will continue. Due to snowfall in hilly areas, cold current is flowing in North India. According to the Meteorological Department, it will fall from Delhi-NCR. Meanwhile, different methods are being adopted to escape from the cold. Some are using room heaters to avoid cold, while others are using electric heaters. In this case, when your electricity comes on at the end of the month, you may get a shock. In fact, heaters consume a lot of electricity. In such a situation, using them in winters makes your pocket heavy. But by adopting some tips you can avoid the cold as well as save money.

If you too use a heater to keep out the cold and are worried about your electricity bill, here are some tips that will help you stay warm without spending a fortune.

Ceiling fan reverse
If you have a ceiling fan, which helps keep you cool in the summer, you can use the opposite side to keep yourself warm in the winter. For this your fan should have a switch so that it runs clockwise. It pulls cool air in and warm air down to keep your room warm.

Winter window
Most of the air in the house often comes through the windows. So stop the wind coming in through the windows. For this, heavy curtains should be used on the windows. You can also put tape on your windows and keep out the cold without blocking the sunlight.

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Turn off your fireplace
When you use your fireplace, it’s important to keep your fireplace flue open and the smoke out of the chimney, but once the fire is out, an open chimney allows cool air to enter your home. So when you don’t have fire, turn off the flue.

Use a programmable thermostat
You may consider using a programmable thermostat to beat the cold. You can use it to adjust the heat in your home based on your schedule. We tell you that a thermostat is a device, which helps to maintain the temperature around a certain temperature.

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Consider solar power
A great way to use cheap energy in the winter. Check out the different solar power options like solar panels in the winter that can be used to generate energy for your home heating needs. By using solar energy you can also eliminate the worry of monthly bills.

Use a hot water bottle
Also, you can use a hot water bottle to avoid cold and keep it under your covers when you go to sleep. With it you can keep the cold away and sit comfortably in bed.

Block Draft
There are many small spaces in the house that allow cool air to enter your home. In such a situation these areas should be covered with a blanket or towel. This will stop cold air from entering your room and keep the room warm.

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