The house can be heated without a heater! All these arrangements will be completed within 3 days as will be spent on heaters


A severe cold wave is ongoing across the country and will intensify in the coming days.
People are taking various measures to avoid the cold.
You can keep your house cool without a heater.

Warm room without heater: The torture of winter is going on. There are reports that a severe cold wave will set in in the coming days and temperatures in many places, including Delhi, may go below zero. People use room heaters to avoid such cold. However, this method is not only very expensive but also unsafe. The heat and air coming out of the heater can cause many problems for you. Sleeping with the heater on all night can also cause suffocation. That is why it is necessary to take such measures, which are also profitable and save from cold.

If you want to avoid winter without a heater and keep your house warm, today we are going to tell you some tricks, by which you can not only keep your house warm, but also eliminate the suffocating heater air. You can keep yourself safe from. Let’s talk about how to keep the house warm without a heater.

Wrap all windows in plastic
In winter, air often enters the house through the windows or doors of the house. In such a situation, you can wrap plastic around the windows and doors of the house to stop this wind. Due to this, cold air will not enter your room and your room will remain warm.

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Place the rug on the floor
In cold weather, the floor of the house is very cold and it becomes difficult to walk on the ground with bare feet. In this case, you can lay the rug on the floor. It not only keeps the ground warm but also keeps the feet from getting cold.

Open the window to the sun
Sunlight is rarely seen in winter season. In such a situation, open the windows and doors of the house when the sun comes out. It keeps the house warm and also removes the dampness of the house.

Hang heavy curtains on windows and doors
During the winter season you should use heavy and dark colored curtains on the windows and doors of your home. Thick curtains work to block the wind from outside. On the other hand, dark colored curtains help keep the room warm.

Hot water bag
Generally, hot water bags are often used to relieve back pain or pain in other parts of the body, but did you know that you can also use them to warm your bed. Yes, if you put a hot water bag on your bed while sleeping, it will warm your bed faster.

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