The higher the mAh battery, the more powerful it is? How true it is

mAh means: If you are planning to buy a new smartphone, then you must see how many mAh battery is provided in the smartphone. Also, sometimes friends or relatives would also ask how many mAh battery your phone has. Many believe that the higher the mAh battery, the more powerful it is. People also say that more mAh battery will last longer. Now, we will try to find out in this report how true these things are. Let us know mAh is the code word for battery power. There are 1000 milliamperes in 1 ampere. This means a 5000mAh battery means 5 amps. Also, h stands for hours, which tells how many milliamps of power your battery can produce in 1 hour.

Does more mAh mean more battery backup?

Many people have the misconception that more mAh means more battery backup, but that’s not the case. Battery backup cannot be estimated from mAh alone. Tell us how much battery your device is consuming, battery discharge rate, battery backup, etc. Now discharge rate also depends on many things. It is seen that the processor of the device consumes the most battery. This means that the processor has the highest discharge rate.

Also, the graphics processor and circuitry of the device also affects the discharge rate of your battery. Not only that, your battery consumption depends on what you are using the mobile for. Heavy duty consumes more battery. Hope your confusion is cleared. Now whenever you buy a smartphone, you don’t just look at the mAh, you also get information about the processor and graphics processor

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