Terrible! This geyser planted at home can damage the brain, a little carelessness can be very heavy


Gas geysers use LPG to heat water.
If the gas geyser is placed in a closed place, oxygen will decrease and carbon monoxide will start to come out.
Carbon dioxide poisoning occurs and causes brain damage.

Geyser Safety: It is better to bathe with warm water only in cold weather. People generally use geysers for hot water. But geysers have some dangers that many people know about. There are many types of geysers available in the market, including infrared, gas, fan like heaters. However, no geyser should be used indoors. But talking about gas geysers, it is very important to take some precautions about it, as it can become life threatening.

Recently, Divyanshu Asopa, founder of a stationery brand, shared an incident that rocked his world. Divyanshu asked people to be more careful while installing gas geyser at home. Because his wife fainted while taking a shower due to the gas geyser in the bathroom and the incident happened due to lack of oxygen. But he reaches in time and saves his wife.

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Caution is required
If you also have gas geyser installed in your home, you need to take special care of some things. First let’s know how this gas geyser works. Gas geysers use LPG to heat water. Thus it works in two ways. Firstly, it heats the water quickly and secondly, the hot water keeps coming.

Geysers have three pipes, two inlet pipes for water and gas separately and one outlet pipe for hot water.

When the geyser is activated, the gas starts flowing through the pipeline. The igniter turns on, and the gas flame appears, heating the water. But geysers use oxygen from the atmosphere to heat water and burn gas.

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Keep these things in mind to stay safe
This is why it is recommended to install these geysers in well ventilated areas. Because otherwise the geyser will consume oxygen from the closed space, causing the oxygen to decrease and carbon monoxide to begin to escape. Carbon dioxide poisoning occurs and causes brain damage. The same thing could have happened with Divyanshu Asopa’s wife. So if you also have a gas geyser, replace it with an electric geyser or keep the geyser in a well-ventilated area. So that your life is not endangered.

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