Technology knowledge: Those who turn off the fridge when it gets cold, are they smart or stupid? know here


Whether it is winter or summer, the fridge should not be kept closed for long.
Keeping it closed for too long will damage the fridge.
Keep the refrigerator temperature low in cold weather.

New Delhi. Nowadays, refrigerators can be seen in everyone’s home. It has become a necessity of every family. Be it summer or winter, people use refrigerators in every season. It is the king of our kitchen. In it we keep all our food and drink items. The refrigerator keeps food safe from bacteria. The fridge has two compartments, with different temperatures. Generally, the refrigerator is not used as much in the winter season as in the summer season. Due to this, people are not able to use the refrigerator properly in winter.

Many times, people are not even aware of whether they should use a refrigerator in cold weather or not. At the same time, some turn off the fridge in cold weather to save electricity and this results in their fridge getting damaged. Please say that if the fridge is left off for a long time, its compressor gets jammed.

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In fact, the refrigerator motor is designed for limited torque, in such a situation, if the refrigerator is shut down for a long time, moisture enters the piston of the refrigerator and the motor will not torque when you start the refrigerator after a long time. Work and it will jam. Not only that, jamming the motor will cause it to overheat and damage its compressor. So be it winter or summer, the fridge should not be switched off after switching it on.

what temperature
Generally, it should be kept at number 3 to 4 in the refrigerator during the summer season. So that the things kept in your refrigerator stay cold and do not spoil. On the other hand, if we talk about winter, then you can keep it in the fridge during the cold season at number 1. In fact, the refrigerator should be kept at the lowest temperature during winter, because the temperature is lower than normal during winter.

Controls temperature
Explain that refrigerators are used to control temperature. The temperature of this fridge is different in summer and different in winter. In summer, the compressor of the refrigerator works for a long time, due to which it becomes very cold. During summer, it consumes more electricity. If you use the fridge in the winter, your compressor runs less because the outside temperature is already lower.

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