Technical knowledge: Which room heater is right for the lungs? Find answers to some important questions about heaters


Oil room heaters are considered safe and beneficial for health.
It is filled with diathermic oil without fans or rods.
No more nasal congestion or dryness due to oil room heaters

A good room heater is the only solution to avoid cold. But sometimes we wonder how safe it is to install a heater. Before buying a new heater, people often think about which type of room heater is best for health, so that there is no lung disease or any skin disease. Let’s know what kind of heater you should use in your house which is not harmful to your health..

Common room heaters have a ceramic core, which is a metal rod that gets extremely hot. The atmosphere is heated by heating this ceramic core. Meanwhile, the ceramic core rod forces air, reducing the amount of humidity in the room. It also burns oxygen. This has many negative effects on health because the air you breathe from your room heater is very dry and has less oxygen.

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The burning of oxygen by fan heaters and infrared heaters reduces the amount of oxygen in the room. This can cause symptoms such as shortness of breath, headache, nausea and difficulty sleeping. Now the question arises which heater is good for our health?

Oil room heaters are considered safe and beneficial for health. It is filled with diathermic oil without fans or rods. As the oil inside it heats up, the surrounding air heats up. In other words, diathermic oil absorbs the heat generated by electricity and releases it into the room through the fan.

Advantages of oil heaters-
1) There is no problem of nasal congestion or dryness as they do not dehumidify the air in the room. It does not have a heating element, rather it heats the oil in the room environment to prevent combustion by oxygen.

2) Oil heaters do not make our skin dry and lifeless because oil filled room heaters do not dehumidify the air.

2) This heater relieves the problem of dryness of lungs, eyes, throat or nose.

Questions related to oil heaters

Should I fill it with oil myself?
No need to fill it with oil. Filled oil is repeatedly heated and used.

Which room heater consumes less electricity?
Oil heaters are one of the most energy efficient heaters on the market, consuming the least amount of electricity.

Does the oil heater make a lot of noise?
The oil heater has no fan, so it doesn’t make noise either.

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