Technical Knowledge: Blocked by iPhone users, know at a glance, follow these steps


Someone blocked your number and you called him.
iPhone doesn’t ring when it’s turned off.
When blocked, the receiver does not receive your call.

New Delhi. If you are an iPhone user, you can easily block anyone on your device. If you also get calls from a number repeatedly and don’t want to receive them or if someone calls you unnecessarily, you can easily block them on iPhone. For this you have to go to the call log and block that caller. But have you thought what happens if the opposite happens? In such a situation you cannot talk to the blocker even after making continuous calls.

However, now you have nothing to worry about. Today we are going to tell you some tips, with the help of which you can know whether you are blocked or not. Before we tell you about this trick, it is important for you to know what happens when someone blocks you?

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If someone has blocked your number and you call them, the caller will either hear a ring or no ring when calling from the blocked number. But the receiver does not receive your call. Then the caller is informed that the receiver is not available.

Can call if blocked
Note that if someone has blocked you, you can send messages to them.
If you try to send an iMessage from iPhone to someone who has blocked you, the message will remain blue (which means it’s still an iMessage). However, this is not proof that you have been blocked. They may not have internet connection when sending message.

What about Do Not Disturb/Focus mode?
Apple’s Do Not Disturb technology gives users complete control over receiving incoming notifications, calls and messages. In such a situation, it is possible that the users don’t bother facility is installed and they are not receiving your calls or messages.

Will call once
In this case, calls are the best way to decide if you have been blocked by an iPhone user. Be aware that if someone has blocked you and you call them, you will always be sent to voicemail after one ring. Notably, if someone receives your call, the number of rings will be different each time, while blocking only rings once. And if the phone was off, it wouldn’t ring.

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