Taking screenshot in Windows 11 is no longer easy, what steps to follow now?


Microsoft’s latest OS is Windows 11
Previously worked on Windows 10
The company has changed the screenshot process in Windows 11

New Delhi. As many laptops as you can see today. Among them, Microsoft’s operating system (OS) is used in all PCs or laptops except Apple’s MacBook/system.

The company updates new versions of Windows from time to time. It also changes the process of features working on it. One such feature is screenshots which we use frequently. In all the previous versions of Windows 11, screenshots were taken differently, today we are going to talk about the changes that the company has made to it.

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Step 1

  1. Go to start menu, type “sniping tool” in search bar and open that app.
  2. Once you click New after opening the app, you will be taken to the screenshot overlay. By clicking on the snipping tool overlay, users can select the area they need and take a screenshot.

Taking a screenshot with the Xbox Game Bar

The Xbox Game Bar is designed to help Windows 11 gamers capture screenshots or videos of their games.

Step 2

  1. Press the Win + G keys.

Navigate to the Capture area in the top-left corner and select the Take Screenshot option. It will save screenshots in Videos/Captures folder by default.

Take screenshot with keyboard shortcut

Press and hold the PrtSc key. This will capture the full screen of Windows 11. You can save it according to your wish. You can save directly by clicking ctrl+S button.

We tell you, apart from the built-in tools in Windows 11, users can easily use third-party apps to take screenshots.

Last year, Microsoft announced iCloud Photos integration in Windows 11’s updated Photos app. According to the company, the iCloud Photos integration will allow users to access photos stored in iCloud directly in the Windows 11 default Gallery app. We tell you, currently the updated Photos app is running smoothly in the Windows Insider Preview dev channel.

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