Hacking attacks mostly happen on smartphones, check if your device is not jailbroken

highlight Most hacking attacks happen on smartphones. After the phone is hacked the user does not know that his device is hacked. His behavior has changed with the phone hack. New Delhi. Nowadays most people use smartphones and browse the internet. In such a situation, most of the hacking attacks happen only on smartphones. Some … Read more

Experts have said that this is an important measure to protect India from cyber attacks

Commenting on the cyber attack on AIIMS systems, cyber expert Pawan Duggal said, “I think the ransomware attack on AIIMS is an attack on India’s sovereignty, integrity and security.” This is not a hospital but an attack on the most prestigious institution of the country. According to cyber experts, the attack on AIIMS system is … Read more

By taking all these measures you can save your laptop camera from being hacked, know the details

Camera hacking is the process by which a thief uses malware to remotely access a user’s device’s webcam or camera. These gadgets can include desktops, laptops, tablets, security cameras and even smartphones. You must have often heard about ATM, account and phone hacking. But did you know that hackers can also compromise your laptop’s camera. … Read more