Elon Musk tweeted his response to ChatGPT clearing our medical exam

Chat GPT: OpenAI’s chatbot ‘Chat GPT’ has created a buzz around the world. For tech giant Google, believe me it is nothing short of a big problem. Many experts believe that this chatbot will kill Google’s search business in the next 1 to 2 years. Recently, you must have read or seen all those news … Read more

Google has introduced a new AI tool called MusicLM that converts text to music Learn more

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Bengaluru University Bans ChatGPT After Students Use AI Tool For Exam Assignments And Lab Tests

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ChatGPT is also banned in India, this university is blocked

ChatGPT: On one hand, while open AI chatbots are considered good for the future, on the other hand, they can also be said to pose a threat to children. Because it reduces or eliminates children’s ability to think critically and solve problems. Children are doing their homework, assignments and lab tests easily with the help … Read more

Know the difference between ChatGPT paid and free service OpenAI Chatbot

ChatGPT Paid vs Free: Open AI launched the Professional plan for Chat GPT some time ago. People taking the professional plan will have to spend $42 per month i.e. around Rs 3400. Compared to normal users, the company will provide better services and updates to paid users. This chatbot by OpenAI is an AI tool … Read more

Chatgpt Pennsylvania Cleared The Wharton School MBA Paper Results Amazing But Not Good In Maths

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Earn thousands every month with ChatGPT, 7 ways you can make money from home

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