Start working with the native operating system Indos! Android, iOS will have tough competition


An indigenous operating system is in the works, which may be called IndOS.
With IndOS, another alternative to Android will be available in the Indian market.
Google has been directed to allow sideloading of developer apps.

India is a native operating system (operating system) Working on a project for construction. The new operating system is expected to be named IndOS. The project is being considered as an initiative by the government, startup companies and academia. According to Business Standard, top government sources say the Indian OS development is aimed at competing with Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS in the operating system market. Explain that Google has more than 97% share of Android and iOS also has a small share of the market.

Confirming the project, a senior government official said, ‘India is one of the largest mobile device markets in the world. Our aim is to create a secure Indian mobile operating system that can create an alternative and competition to Android in the Indian market

The move to build IndOS is necessary as it comes at a time when Google is under investigation in the country and the Competition Commission of India (CCI) has already brought it down for allegedly abusing its dominant position through the Android Play Store policy. Fined. has been imposed.

Google has been ordered to allow sideloading of developer apps to reduce its monopoly power.

Now the question is what is sideloading? In fact, earlier app developers had no option but to put the app on the Google Play Store and Google would check its security. But now they can offer apps directly, and this is called sideloading.

Supported by Indian mobile companies
Domestic mobile phone manufacturers have supported the government’s initiative for indigenous operating system IndOS. The maker says Google needs to confirm with the CCI or the government who is responsible for the security of the app.

Let us tell you that in 2022, CCI fined Google Rs 2273 crore in two separate orders. One of these was the abuse of its position in the Android mobile device ecosystem.

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