SOS feature of iPhone 14 saved lives again, two women got life donation, know what this Dhansu feature is!


Apple iPhone 14 becomes the action hero
Emergency SOS through satellite feature has saved women’s lives
Urgent messages are possible even when out of cellular network or Wi-Fi connection

New Delhi. Last year, American tech giant Apple introduced the Emergency SOS via satellite feature for iPhone 14 models. There have been many reports in the past where the iPhone 14’s SOS feature has saved lives. Once again, two missing women in Canada were found with the help of this feature.

This feature has now helped save the lives of two women trapped in the woods near McBride, Canada. According to a report by The Times, this was possibly the first use of emergency SOS via satellite feature in British Columbia (BC), Canada.

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SOS feature is used to save yourself in the jungle
Reports claim the two women went missing on Dec. 23 while traveling in Alberta. There was no mobile connection. One of them had an iPhone 14 and used the Emergency SOS via satellite feature to save himself and sent an emergency signal to the Apple call center. That call center contacted the Northern 911 call center in Canada. Answering 911 then activates a call to British Columbia emergency services and gives them a lot of information, including their GPS location.

What is Emergency SOS by Satellite feature?
This is an important feature. After enabling this feature, users will be able to send emergency messages even when they are out of cellular network or WiFi connection. Sometimes you live in a place where the cellular network does not come. At such times, if you have to make an emergency call, that doesn’t work either. But with this feature you can send emergency messages via satellite. According to the company, messages can be sent with the new iPhone 14 in just 15 seconds if the sky is clear.

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SOS feature is present in these countries
According to Apple’s website, this feature is available in the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.

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