SIM card fraud: SIM locked poor! Millions of rupees loss of businessman in Delhi, shocking incident


People often forget to activate the second SIM
These days companies don’t offer lifetime active sims.
If the SIM is not active for a few days the number is given to others.

New Delhi. If you are also using two SIMs, it is not that your old SIM is dead and you don’t know it. It can be very dangerous. Because many bank accounts are also linked to the number. This is where a small mistake happens, due to which a businessman in Delhi has faced a loss of lakhs.

In fact, it happens that lifetime incoming is not available on any SIM card these days. That is, if you want to keep the other SIM active while using any SIM, then you need to purchase the minimum recharge plan to keep the SIM active. Companies lock the SIM after about 90 days of non-recharge.

Delhi businessmen lose lakhs of rupees
So far, a report has said that a businessman has been cheated of lakhs of rupees in Delhi. Actually, here is the story of the second sim. In fact, the merchant whose bank account was defrauded of lakhs of rupees had a SIM card attached and the merchant was not using this SIM card for a long time. Means the merchant’s bank account was registered with this SIM.

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As this SIM is inactive for a long time, the company closes this SIM of the merchant and allocates it to another user. At present, the police are only investigating the matter. But it is suspected that the person who allotted this number has cheated.

How can sim fraud occur?
In fact, even if a SIM is locked, it can be assigned to someone else’s name. But, since the number is associated with the bank, the SMS and OTP will go to the same number With this, things like PhonePe and Paytm work. Because, these apps fetch the bank details of the mobile number registered in the app and add the account with the help of OTP or SMS. In this case, you can easily get cheated by getting this SIM from someone else.

In such a scenario, you need to remember to either keep the SIM active by recharging it or keep the same number registered with all your active bank accounts.

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