Sharing bare breast photos will not be a crime, Facebook and Instagram rules will be changed, women themselves protested


Meta will soon change the rules of Facebook and Instagram.
Posting nude breast photos will now be allowed on both platforms.
Earlier, the agency banned breastfeeding pictures.

New Delhi. Meta may soon change its rules for posting photos on Facebook and Instagram. After the rule change, breastfeeding women will be able to post news breast photos on Facebook and Instagram. In fact, the Mater Oversight Board, while changing its strict rules, has decided that now women can post nude pictures of their breasts on the platform. Previously, Meta did not allow women to post breastfeeding photos on Facebook and Instagram, and while doing so, the agency banned breastfeeding photos.

The Oversight Board, a group of academics, politicians and journalists, advised the company on its content-moderation policy. The group recommended that Meta change its adult nudity and sexual activity community standards to make it clear that the organization respects international human rights.

Censorship on American couple’s posts
The Oversight Board’s decision comes after Facebook censored two posts from an account run by a transgender and non-binary American couple. The post shows the couple posing topless, but with their nipples covered. Trans Healthcare is described with the caption of this photo and has raised money for the surgery.

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This time the post was flagged by users. It was reviewed and then removed by artificial intelligence (AI) systems. However, after the couple appealed the appeal, Meta reinstated the post again. The Board found that the policy was based on differences between men and women.

Demonstration of women who survived cancer
Let us tell you that women and breast cancer survivors protested strongly outside the Mater’s office against the ban on breastfeeding. The legislation received widespread support on college campuses and was endorsed by celebrities including Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Lena Dunham.

Florence Pugh expressed her displeasure
Recently, Florence Pugh addressed the red carpet in a bright pink Valentino gown and said that of course I don’t want to bother people, but I don’t understand how my nipples can bother you.

Mikal Hebron protests
At the same time, in 2015, Los Angeles-based artist Mikal Hebron also opposed the Instagram policy. After her protest, Hebron was invited to Instagram’s headquarters in 2019 with a group of influencers to talk about the company’s nipple policy. After the meeting, Hebron reported that he learned at that meeting that there were no transgender members on the content moderation policy team and no gender-neutral bathrooms.

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