Sell ​​your old phone here These websites offer you good payment for your used phone

Where to sell old phones: Tired of using your smartphone and want to buy yourself a new phone? But now you don’t have to worry about what to do with your old device. In fact, you can sell your old smartphone from the comfort of your home at various places. Learn about this today.

If you sell here you will get a good price


This website is famous all over India. Used old phones are sold on Cashify. Not only mobiles, you can sell desktop, laptop, tablet etc. electronic gadgets here at good prices. To sell the mobile, you have to answer some simple questions, after which the delivery boy will take the mobile from your home and the fixed amount will be credited to your account.

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Yes, now you can sell mobile phones on e-commerce website Flipkart too. For this, you need to go to the sale back option on the Flipkart app or website where you have to select your mobile phone and put it up for sale. During this time you will be asked many questions which will determine how much your mobile phone will cost. Once confirmed, within 48 hours, a Flipkart executive will pick up the mobile from your home and after verification, an e-voucher will be issued to your account. Through this you can easily get a new smartphone.


If you want to sell a used phone, you can also visit the Budli website. If you have a device that is not listed on this website, you can pay in cash instead. After listing the mobile phone the executive will come to your home and the payment will be credited to your account after the mobile phone verification.

If you don’t feel safe to sell your phone on the website, you can also visit the nearest mobile store and sell your old phone. Nowadays old phones are bought from many stores where you can get good prices for them.

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