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Robot takes photo of woman sitting on toilet seat, shares on Facebook, people are disturbed by robot’s action



What jobs can’t a robot do?
Robots can be used at home.
It automatically cleans the room.

New Delhi. Artificial intelligence (AI) has advanced so much that people have started using it for everything from their household chores to court cases. In this fast paced life, it has proved to be very helpful in making our life easier. But sometimes its disadvantages are also coming forward. If you are also taking help of robots for house cleaning or other tasks, then be careful. This robot took a picture of a woman sitting on a toilet seat and leaked it on social media. The woman was not a customer but an employee of iRobot, maker of the Roomba robot vacuum cleaner.

This incident happened in 2020 when the iRobot company was testing with its employees to improve this new model. iRobot claims that employees were made aware of how their data would be used. This model comes with a “Recording in Process” tab.

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In fact iRobot was sending this data to another party, Scale AI, based in San Francisco. From there this information went to the people working on the project. All the photos taken by the Roomba were taken to see if the machine was working to better recognize the objects around them.

iRobot deals with Amazon
Scale AI said the contractor posted the images in violation of its non-disclosure agreement. iRobot has since terminated contracts with its partners. The agency is investigating how private photos ended up on social media iRobot is preparing a $1.7 million deal with Amazon

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Robots also save you effort
This robotic vacuum cleaner comes with mapping intelligent laser navigation. Due to this laser navigation, it automatically cleans the room and saves your effort too. It can be used to clean tiles, carpets and wooden floors.

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