OpenAI will bring payment version of ChatGPT, no blackout window, quick response to queries


OpenAI will bring its payment version of ChatGPT.
The company shared a waiting list for the paid version of the professional chatbot.
The new version will respond faster without throttling.

New Delhi. OpenAI has confirmed through its official handle that this will happen soon
ChatGPT will bring paid version. Meanwhile, ChatGPT has shared a waiting list for the paid version of the professional chatbot. This list was spotted by TechCrunch. The paid version comes with all the features professionals have come to expect. It has no blackout windows and provides fast response without throttling. It can answer twice as many questions as the previous version.

To sign up for it, you need to fill a Google Form by answering a few questions. This form mostly revolves around its value. In such a situation, it is possible that chatgpt will decide its membership price based on the feedback of its users.

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OpenAI has also clarified that if you are selected for a professional chat, it will contact you to process the payment. The company says it currently has no plans to make the premium version available to the general public.

The company also charges on Dal-e
OpenAI has not yet released information on the cost of ChatGPT Professional and when it will be available. The company’s other very popular product- Dal-e charges for extra credits after the very limited free amount is exhausted.

What is ChatGPT?
Chat GPT is one such artificial intelligence that answers any question you type. It is developed by Open Artificial Intelligence. Currently it works in English language. It may be added to other languages ​​in the future.

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