OpenAI launches new tool to identify AI-generated text, check for plagiarism


ChatGTP chatbots have been in the discussion ever since they were launched.
Many major US schools have expressed concerns about AI chatbots.
ChatGTP may have copyright issues.

New Delhi. OpenAI, maker of popular chatbot ChatGTP, has launched a tool that will recognize text generated by artificial intelligence (AI). The company gave this information through a blog post. The company said in a blog post on Wednesday that ChatGTP has released a software tool to identify AI-generated content.

ChatGTP is a free program that generates text such as articles, essays, jokes, and poems. After the advent of chatbots, teachers and educators were concerned about copyright and plagiarism.

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The company says it has published TRAIN classifiers on datasets of human-written and AI-written text on the same topic. Its purpose is to distinguish AI-written text from human-written text. The agency said it uses a variety of automated providers to address issues such as misinformation and academic dishonesty.

Company will receive feedback
In its public beta mode, OpenAI admitted that the recognition tool was too unreliable on text of less than 1,000 characters and that AI-written text could be edited to cheat the classification. OpenAI said that we are making this classifier publicly available for feedback, to find out if such imperfect tools can be useful. The company says, “We believe that AI-written text recognition is an important topic of discussion among educators.

Banned in school
Let us tell you that chatgpt was started in November last year and within few days it has gained popularity. Meanwhile, many major US schools have expressed concern about AI chatbots and banned their use. Schools say students can use text generators to cheat or plagiarize.

Third Party Identification Tools
Meanwhile, other companies have also developed third-party detection tools, including GPTZeroX, to help teachers identify AI-generated text. OpenAI said it is working with educators to discuss the capabilities and limitations of ChatGPT. AI-generated text has been and will continue to be worked on. Acknowledgment

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