Online Shopping Fraud: Fraudsters eye your money, Greed is thugs’ weapon, keep yourself safe


The incidence of online shopping fraud is increasing day by day.
Scammers resort to phishing to trick you.
However, you can easily avoid online shopping fraud.

New Delhi. Nowadays online shopping fraud cases are increasing. Although the police has a separate cyber crime cell to catch online thugs, the incidence of online thugs is not decreasing. This is because thugs are more mischievous than before. These days thugs have become much more mischievous and they have upgraded themselves as needed. Thugs try new ways to cheat every time. In this situation, it becomes very difficult to stop them.

Public awareness has also become very important to avoid fraud, because unless you are aware yourself, you will continue to be a victim of online fraud. Today is the era of online shopping. People prefer to buy everything from electronics to furniture online. So, when online shopping is taking place on such a large scale, how can online thugs stay behind?

They are happy with the increase in online shopping. They are cheating by cheating online. His eyes are always on your money. They are trying new ways to blow your money. However, your greed is the biggest weapon of thugs. Thugs give you big bribes on some pretext and if you get the bribe you get robbed. They lure you and rob you very easily. Let us tell you that the most popular method of online fraud is phishing. Scammers only use phishing to rob you.

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Phishing is the most popular method of fraud. In this, the fraudster copies a real website and creates a fake website just like it and sends you its link with a message that says you can’t stop yourself from clicking on that link. In this type of message, when you are offered a great discount, deal or freebie. In such a situation, as soon as you read the message, click on the spam link and hand over all the information requested by the thugs.

Spam links
If you use WhatsApp, you must have seen that many times the thugs send you links like this, where they offer to book iPhone X for Rs 1, buy Samsung Galaxy S10 for Rs 10. Such messages contain spam links. All these links are fake designed by crooks.

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Fake website
Sometimes scammers also create fake websites to cheat, which is exactly like any online shopping site. From website photos, descriptions and ratings to fonts, they are designed exactly like the original site so you won’t even suspect that it’s a fake website.

How to avoid online shopping fraud?
The easiest way to avoid online shopping fraud is that if you receive an offer message that claims to be offering an item cheaper, avoid clicking on it. Also, verify the message received on WhatsApp as genuine before following.

Read carefully before clicking on any link. If it has any spelling mistakes, don’t visit it, because it is a spam link. Even if you visit by mistake, don’t give out any of your sensitive information.

Sometimes you are sent a shortened URL with the message, which is not known to which website it actually links. Therefore, before clicking on such links, check what link is hidden behind that link.

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