Now login to google chrome without password, it will work instantly


After locking the Google Chrome browser, it is very easy to secure it.
Enter password only once while visiting any website after unlocking.
Fingerprint can also be added to it, available for both smartphone and PC users.

New Delhi: After logging in to any website in the Google Chrome browser, enter the password when people visit it again. If you also enter passwords repeatedly to visit the same website, then you don’t have to worry anymore. Autofill feature is already available in Google Chrome browser. Also, it can be secured by applying fingerprint or password. Most people are not aware of this feature.

When visiting a website for the first time, there is no need to login after entering the password.

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What is Google Chrome Passkeys?
How to unlock a smartphone by applying a pattern or fingerprint before using it. Similarly, now you can set passwords separately in Google Chrome browser as well. It is very easy to protect the website with a password before giving the smartphone or laptop to someone. Most people forget to log out of Google Chrome browser after logging in to different websites. In such situations, you can use Google Chrome Passkeys.

How is passkey different from auto key?
Some people save the password after visiting any website in Google Chrome browser. In this scenario, they don’t need to type the password when visiting that website again. On the other hand, if the smartphone or laptop falls into the wrong hands, the main security concerns remain. You can login without password through autofill feature. On the other hand, passkeys are only used for Chrome browser usage.

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Use the Passkeys feature on this device
To use passkey feature in Google Chrome browser, first log in to Google Chrome browser with email id and password. After that, set the passkey according to your own. Currently this feature is available for MacBook OS, Android and Windows 11 editions. While visiting any website, you will be able to log in easily by entering the passkey before entering the password.

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