Now here’s how users can set fingerprint lock in Google Chrome incognito mode

Today, when we want to search anything, we first go to the search engine Google. Almost all our questions can be answered on Google. If you use Google Chrome a lot on mobile phones, then there is good news for you. Actually, Google Chrome has released fingerprint lock feature for incognito mode. That is, when you get out of incognito mode, you will need a fingerprint to get back into it. In a way, this feature will make your browsing experience better.

Google released this feature for Chrome incognito mode, which is only for Android phone and tablet users. Once you turn on this feature, it will be fingerprint locked as soon as you exit the browser and no one but you can open it. You will need your fingerprint to return to the browser. In simple words, understand this way, the way fingerprint lock works in WhatsApp, now it will work in incognito mode in Google Chrome as well.

How to enable this feature on mobile

After updating Google Chrome, first go to incognito mode. Now click here in the top right corner and go inside settings and go to privacy and security. Here you will find the ‘Enable Lock Incognito Tab’ option. Turn it on and then the next time you enter incognito mode, you’ll need a fingerprint. You can use fingerprint, face ID, pattern or PIN as security.

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Why is incognito mode used?

In fact, incognito mode is used so that whatever we do in the search engine is not saved as history. This has the advantage that when someone else accesses the system, he cannot see what has been previously searched or viewed in the search engine. Many people also consider incognito mode as a way of safe browsing.

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