Cyber NewsNovel methods of ATM fraud, fraud used to deposit...

Novel methods of ATM fraud, fraud used to deposit money into accounts



5 lakh was spent by fraud in the ATM machine.
Used to use CDM to cheat.
Fraudsters have also defrauded banks.

New Delhi. Technology is making our lives easier. Today we can do most of our work from home with the help of mobile. But there are many risks with it. Online scammers and fraudsters are ready to take advantage of our smallest mistakes. These fraudsters target not only people but also banks. Meanwhile, an incident has come to light from Uttar Pradesh’s Gorakhpur district, where B-Tech students defrauded banks by rigging ATM machines. The students were so clever that even the bank couldn’t catch them in the beginning.

Before committing the fraud, the students would first deposit money into their bank accounts and then run the entire scam with the help of a cash deposit machine (CDM). According to the information, after depositing the money in the bank, the students would go to the cash deposit machine to withdraw the money, withdraw the cash as soon as it came out of the tray and immediately push the tray inside. . It will say machine transaction error. Its students used to collect money by demanding from the bank.

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The students were so clever that at first no one at the bank realized that they were cheating them. According to the police, since June 2022 till now, fraudsters have defrauded Rs 5.99 lakh in 4 transactions in Gorakhpur.

Two people were arrested
Police have arrested two people in this incident, one is absconding. The two arrested fraudsters are pursuing computer science engineering from a private college in Lucknow. The arrested names are Vijay Yadav and Faiz Khan. The police recovered 71 thousand taka in cash, 10 ATM cards, two mobile phones, a Brezza car and a bike from both of them.

Police are taking action
SP City Krishna Kumar Bishnoi said that currently the police is taking action by registering a case against the accused and action will be taken against them under the Gangster Act. Police are also collecting their other bank details. So that property bought with fraudulently acquired money can be confiscated.

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