New ways of cheating, friends call the police-politicians, the account will be empty as soon as it is raised


Fraudsters are adopting new tricks to cheat.
Scammers are swapping SIMs to commit online fraud.
They can use your number for spoof calling.

New Delhi. Nowadays, online scammers are adopting new ways to cheat. Sometimes in the name of job, sometimes through bank offer or OTP, cases of cyber fraud are coming to the fore. Scammers are also coming up with new techniques for online fraud. Now fraudsters have come up with a way to cheat, which will shock you too. With this trick, scammers duped a Delhi businessman of Rs 50 lakh and all this was possible through SIM swapping. With the help of SIM swapping, the fraudster can make anyone his friend. Can call police and leaders names.

Fraudsters are now resorting to sim swapping i.e. duplicating. This thug can empty your bank account without asking for OTP from you. In fact, for SIM swapping, the scammer buys a SIM card with your own number. For this, the thug often gives a lot of personal information including your ID card, mobile number to the telecom operator.

After that, when the fraudster inserts a new SIM card in his mobile, the old SIM is automatically blocked, then the OTPs, messages and calls go directly to the scammers instead of to you. Scammers then make spoof calls using that number and trick people into using your number. We tell you that in 2017, through spoof calling, people holding Bitcoins were defrauded to the tune of Rs 57 thousand crores.

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No fake calls
Now the question arises as to how this is done, say that in spoof calling an app is used to call another person without using any number. In this case, the call receiver sees the same number on his phone screen, which the scammer wants to show him, but this call will be fake.

Scammers are not identified
To make spoof calls, scammers change the name and number in the app to someone the receiver knows, a leader or official. In doing so, the identity of the scammers is not revealed or tracked.

How to avoid spoof calling
Receive and cross check any call carefully and if someone asks you for money, call back to verify and then transfer the money.

How do you know if your SIM card has been swapped?
If your number is swapped, your phone’s network will drop or blow up completely. Also many times SMS stops coming to your number. Also, swapping SIMs can cause problems opening an online account on your phone. Many times the phone starts to receive such notifications or such activities, which you did not do, if any of these have happened to you, then your SIM may have been swapped.

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