Nepal Plane Crash: Can Internet be used in air travel? If not, how is Facebook live?


Yeti Airlines plane crashes in Nepal
The accident happened shortly before landing.
A video before the accident has gone viral.

Nepal plane crash: A terrible plane crash took place in Nepal last Sunday. In this accident, a Yeti Airlines plane crashed just before landing. All on board died in the crash. Now a video just before landing is going viral on social media. This video was made live by a person on the flight. In such a situation, the question arises, after all this, can the internet be operated in the flying plane? Isn’t it necessary to keep the phone in airplane mode during the flight?

Another question is if the airplane mode is removed while in flight, can it cause any kind of problem? We are going to answer these questions here. First let’s talk about in-flight internet.

WiFi is available on some flights
Some airlines offer in-flight WiFi services on their flights. It can be used to check social media, browse or watch online videos. However, it is not clear at this point whether the flight that crashed in Nepal had internet service or not. But, very unlikely to happen.

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