Mother had cancer, yet Google fired her, is this situation happening because of chatbots?

In the IT sector over the last few months, you must have seen thousands of workers being laid off continuously. After being removed from the office, the employees are taking to social media to share their grievances with the public. There are some employees who have worked for a large company for 15 to 20 years and yet they are suddenly fired. Tech joint Google has fired thousands of workers from the company so far. Meanwhile, a news is coming out that is going to embarrass humanity. In fact, Google fired an employee who had been working for years as a ‘Video Production Manager’ at Google while on leave due to her mother’s cancer treatment. The employee comes to know about the removal from office while logging into the company from his laptop but his account has been deleted. There are dozens of such reports where employees suddenly find out that the company has fired them.

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The official expressed his grief via LinkedIn, writing that after more than 12,000 employees were laid off, other employees read painful stories and inspirational lines, today I am sharing my story with you all. Paul Baker writes that he was on leave to care for his cancer-stricken mother when he suddenly learned that the company had fired him. Baker told Business Insider that he was concerned about overstaffing at Google, but he had no idea the company would take such steps to cut costs. He felt that he would be safe as he is a part of ‘Google Ads’ which is the company’s main source of revenue generation. CEO Sundar Pichai said in an email that he is laying off 12,000 workers.

This AI tool has become a problem for Google


AI’s chatbot ‘Chat’ Open GPT’ has been a problem for Google. Experts associated with the technology sector believe that within the next 1 to 2 years, Chat GPT may end or halve Google’s search business. Tech joint Google is also mad about it and is working on many AI projects. Open AI’s chatbot is so capable that it can answer any of your questions better than Google. Searching anything on Google where you see a lot of links, this is not the case with Chat GPT. It answers the question in short words.

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