Meta will soon allow some people to post bare-chested photos on Facebook and Instagram

If you see pictures of bare breasts on Facebook now, then there is nothing to panic. In fact, Meta is soon going to change some rules and regulations for posting photos on its Facebook and Instagram. The Matter Oversight Board has changed its strict rules and decided that now viewers, especially women, can post nude pictures of their breasts. Meta actually made this decision because Facebook and Instagram banned pictures of women breastfeeding. At the same time, against this ban, breastfeeding women or women who survived breast cancer strongly protested outside the Meta office and they said that he is a pornographer? Those who are being treated in this way. Women protested against the order outside the Meta office in 2008.

The Oversight Board advises Meta

The Oversight Board has advised Meta that banning images of women with bare breasts and transgender people should be reconsidered. We tell you that the Oversight Board consists of a group of academics, politicians and journalists, who advise the company on its content-moderation policies. The Oversight Board recommended Meta change its adult nudity rules to respect international human rights standards.

It is wrong to formulate any rules based on sex and gender

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The Oversight Board has advised Meta to clearly explain to viewers the rules it has created regarding posting images. So that it can also regulate adult nudity and prevent any form of discrimination against people. Citing international human rights standards, the Oversight Board said discrimination on the basis of gender is wrong. And this social site works to bring all people together. That is why their interest should be kept in mind. No rules should be made in such a way that people of other sexes and genders feel neglected.

Meta took this decision after the complaints of transgenders

An incident is believed to have played a major role in Meta’s decision. In fact, a couple from the transgender and non-binary community approached the Oversight Board against banning nude photos. And Mater spoke out against the decision. The couple accused Meta that they posted pictures with 2 different contents on Instagram in 2021 and 2022. In a photo caption, while posting the photo, the transgender couple shared information about transgender health. Second image posted with information about gender confirmation surgery. But Meta Sex Request removed both posts for violating community standards. The couple said both posts covered nipples and had full health information but were removed. Both of their posts were removed because they showed breasts. It doesn’t matter why the breast picture was posted.

In this whole matter, Meta’s Oversight Board said that before making any rule, Meta should be sensitive to whether its policies or rules spread discrimination among people. The board clearly stated that Mater’s adult nudity policy should not create any problems for women, transgender, non-binary people. So that he could not even speak of her. Meta should become such a platform. On which every viewer should feel equal.

For example, such prohibitions on mats have a profound effect on women who traditionally move around without clothing. People in this community who identify as LGBTQI+ may be affected by such rules. Board Mater advises not to violate the policy and take care of the content. The board advised Meta to change its stance on adult nudity.

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