Limitations of OpenAI chatbot ChatGPT Here are what ChatGPT can’t do

What chatGPT can’t do: OpenAI’s chatbot ‘Chat GPT’ is currently in the headlines. If you haven’t used it yet, you should check out its features. This chatbot from OpenAI is said to answer the toughest questions in seconds. When we tested this thing ourselves, it proved to be true as it is a machine learning based chatbot fed with data.

Chat GPT currently has data before 2021, so it gives you almost accurate and simply put all the data before 2021. But today we will tell you that thing about Chat GPT which you have not read anywhere till now. Yes, we are going to tell you what Chat GPT can’t do or where it fails.

ChatGPT cannot do this

Chat GPT is a machine learning based chatbot so it can only show you the information that is given to it. Learn what Chat GPT can’t do.

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– Chat GPT’s chatbot does not have its own general knowledge. It can only give you the information that is fed into it.

Chat GPT does not understand idioms or rather the meaning of popular sayings. This is because it is not yet literate in Hindi language and all these subjects or rather data is not fed into it.

This chatbot cannot understand special expressions and your voice as it is a text based model. He doesn’t even understand your feelings.

-Chat GPT is made in English language and can easily answer questions in this language. Although it knows other languages ​​such as Spanish, French, German, Italian, etc., the quality of the data it will display in these languages ​​may differ because the knowledge of all languages ​​is not added to it. That is, it cannot reply in the language you expect it to reply to. It may contain errors.

This chatbot cannot be creative as it gives information according to the information given to you.
This chatbot cannot help you make any decisions.
He also understands things related to irony and sarcasm.
– It cannot give you any answers in video or voice notes as it is a text based model.

Also, there are many things that this chatbot doesn’t know because it can only tell you things that it has been fed or trained for.

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