Learn how Google is making things easier for users with artificial intelligence technology

AI at Google: Google has been working on the development of artificial intelligence technology for more than two decades. Features like Google Lens and Google Translate were built entirely using AI techniques such as optical character recognition and machine learning. Apart from this, AI technology is also seen in other technology products of the company. Google says its aim is to use AI to make its products more helpful for users. Let’s know which products Google AI technology has been used.

AI technology is available in these Google services

Many Gmail features such as auto complete and spell check also rely on AI technology. Also, Gmail’s spam filter also works only through AI.

Google search
Through AI technology, users search on Google in new languages ​​with multiple inputs. Along with this, searching with the camera is also possible only with the help of AI. The AI ​​is also amazing at searching text and photos simultaneously with the multi search feature.

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Google Photos
Saal In 2015, Google also added AI features to its Photos app. After that users get the facility to search photos by subject, person’s name, place etc.

YouTube automatically shows video captions using AI technology. With this, users who are deaf or hard of hearing are also able to connect to YouTube.

Google Maps
Google Maps provides traffic information in real time only through AI technology. Also, using this technology, Google automatically informs about travel times and speed limits.

Google Assistant
To mimic humans and make their work easier, the company has used AI technology to bring natural language processing to Google Assistant only.

Google Ads
Using AI technology, Google Ads empowers businesses large and small around the world to find customers

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