Know the difference between ChatGPT paid and free service OpenAI Chatbot

ChatGPT Paid vs Free: Open AI launched the Professional plan for Chat GPT some time ago. People taking the professional plan will have to spend $42 per month i.e. around Rs 3400. Compared to normal users, the company will provide better services and updates to paid users. This chatbot by OpenAI is an AI tool based on machine learning given publicly available data. This chatbot is so capable that it can answer any of your questions better than Google. Today, through this article, know the difference between paid and free services of Chat GPT.

This is the difference between Chat GPT’s free and paid services

– Such people who buy Chat GPT Professional plan will always get Chat GPT services. That said, if you open the chat gpt like a normal user, many times this website goes down or gives you an error. But paid users will see none of this and will continue to get accurate and simple answers despite high demand.

Compared to normal users, those who buy the professional plan will get their queries answered sooner. That means the response time will be very fast. at the same time
Professional plan users will get the new update of Chat GPT first while for normal users it may or may not go live after several days. It totally depends on the company.

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– Chat GPT in paid version will give you simple, accurate and correct answers compared to normal users. Means answers to questions will be more specific and relevant. Chat GPT will provide more accurate and in-depth answers about a specific job or industry to users who have taken the professional plan. For example, if someone buys it for finance related work, it will be more helpful and provide better service than the general user.

Chat GPT could end Google’s search business!

Talking about Open AI’s chatbot, in the next 1 to 2 years this chatbot can end Google’s search business in one way. Because this chatbot answers your questions better than Google. When you search something on it, it doesn’t show you many links like Google, but answers in simple words.

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