Know Pakistan mobile market share by number of iPhone and Android users

Pakistan Mobile Market: Pakistan’s economy is going bad. Even people are tired of eating bread. Well, we won’t talk about all that because it’s not our topic at the moment. Today we will tell you about India’s neighboring country Pakistan, which company sells the most phones here and what is the number of customers running iPhones. You rarely thought about this topic and rarely wanted to search for information about it on the Internet. But today we will tell you everything in detail about this topic.

The most sold phones of this company

According to a State Counter report, from December 2021 to December 2022, Samsung’s mobile vendor market share in Pakistan is around 19.73%, compared to Vivo’s 14.64%, Oppo’s 13.94% and Infinix’s 13.84%. According to that, most of the Samsung mobiles were bought by Pakistani people last year. This report is based on state counters that record global statistics.

How many people use iPhone

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Talk about how many people have an iPhone in Pakistan, according to the State Counter report, between January and December 2022, iOS operating system had a market share of 4.93 percent while Android had a market share of 94.55 percent. According to reports, around 6% of the population in Pakistan runs an iPhone. Please tell, population of Pakistan as of 2021 is 23.14 Crores. If you want to get more information about this, you can visit the website. (

Budget smartphones sell well in Pakistan

A lot of budget smartphones are sold in Pakistan. That’s why brands like Samsung, Vivo, Oppo and Infinix have a high market share here. In fact, the specialty of budget smartphones is that people get all the features found in premium or flagship smartphones at this low price. This is why people prefer to buy them. Apart from this they are pocket friendly which plays an important role in mobile market share.

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