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Today we are going to tell you about Open AI’s chatbot Chat GPT, what questions you can ask this chatbot. Along with this, it will also tell where this chatbot has stopped or to whom it is not able to reply. This chatbot was released by OpenAI in November last year and in about 1 week it saw a million traffic. It took months for huge websites like Google, YouTube, Netflix, Facebook etc to achieve one million traffic, while this chatbot beat everyone by achieving this milestone in just a week.

That’s why it’s in the headlines right now and the tech giant has the guts to challenge Google. Google has also declared it a red alert for itself. This chatbot by Open AI is a machine learning based chatbot. That is, the data that is publicly available, everything is available. What kind of questions you can ask from this chatbot, today we are going to tell you that.

Chat GPT answers this question

It is not possible for us to tell you about all the questions here but we are going to tell you some selected questions that you can ask this chatbot.

News reel

1- With this chatbot you can get written articles on any topic.
2-If you want a good smartphone in 10,000 range then you can also ask this question.
3-If there is any difficult math question, this chatbot can answer easily.
4-If you want to create a website for yourself, you can get coding information on it.
5- If you want to research a particular topic or gather in-depth information about it, chatbots can help you a lot in that.
6- If there is any question related to UPSC, General Knowledge, any exam, then you can ask that too.

Simply put, you should understand that whatever publicly available data is inside this chatbot, everything is fed into it and accordingly it answers your every query. But it’s still in the early stages, so it’s a work in progress. In the future, it will be improved and improved so much that it will answer almost every question you have.

It can’t work in chat gpt

OpenAI’s chatbot is a text-based model, so it can’t answer questions in voice or video, or show anything related to it. Whatever answer this chatbot gives, you will get it only in text.

This chatbot will not show you anything that is sensitive or prohibited by the government or criminal.

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